Dragan Stanley - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Song Writing

Back in the 80’s Dragan started his my first band named Thunder, not the English one though and later  a band called Midrange that recorded two albums, in 1993 “From Heaven to Hell, and in 1995 an album that never got released. Midrange played live a lot, even abroad.

During this period Dragan managed to get a good experience working in a studio and performing on stage. Back at that time he met Geert and Dragan was already impressed by his energy. They worked together from time to time but due to  personal projects, followed separate paths. 

After the Midrange period which lasted for 8 years, Dragan played in different bands : SubHuman, Divni San, and tried other musical styles. But metal and hard rock were still running in his veins and joined BTL in August of 2017.