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Rough recording (no EQ/ Compression, quick balance)

Back to reality parts 1&2 ….

Lately we have been discussing about “Real drums”, “Timbre”, versus “Drum sound replacement”, “Sampling” and “Triggering” to .make a drum kit stand out again from the mix. And somehow, with the loudness wars , the uniformity of sounds, the quest for recognition we felt we lost the sense of reality.


So BTL drum player Michel Lodder and (guitar player) Geert Fieuw have been experimenting with the recording of drums.

This is what a drum kit sounds like. A real one. No Triggers. Just decent recording, decent production

Produced recording

Beyond The Labyrinth 2018 :

Left to Right : 

Sjoerd Bruyneel - keyboards

Michel Lodder - drums

Wilfried Kiekens- bass

Geert Fieuw - guitars

Dragan Stanley - vocals




Picture credit : Katleen De Langhe. 

Picture Location : The Cat Wall

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye … and More


It is with a bit of mixed feelings that Beyond The Labyrinth and bass player Dominic Heynderickx have to part ways… 

It was a fun ride and we made great music, but the time has come to separate our ways so everybody can focus on what is important for him. 


Thank you, Do, for investing your time and talent in BTL and helping us create our “The Art Of Resilience” masterpiece. You are a great person and a great friend. You will always be in our hearts.




This does not mean that BTL is slowing down : Rejoining on bass and backing vocals is Wilfried Kiekens, who played in BTL in 2013 … you might say that Do’s successor is also his predecessor !

As he was already familiar with most of the songs, it only took Wilf a few weeks to pick up the set list and the new songs.

It also took him only mere seconds to reconnect with us and to get used to the band’s bad sense of humor again.

We also gladly noted that he is still playing that same old trusted 6-string bass and his harmony vocals are still outstanding.


Welcome back, Wilf !!




Until end of October 2019, BTL will be focussing on playing as many as possible quality live gigs before starting to record a 5th album


One of these concerts has just been confirmed : 

Beyond The Labyrinth will be supporting (Lynyrd Skynyrd all female tribute band) Systyr Skin-‘nerd in November 21st in the new Ghent area venue The Crossover :

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