June 29th 2024: Beyond The Labyrinth announces a special performance at Coq Rock Festival:
Goodbye to Filip Lemmens and welcome to Johan Lotigiers.

On July 6th, Beyond The Labyrinth will host a special performance at Coq Rock Festival, where they will both bid farewell to their current vocalist Filip Lemmens and welcome their new vocalist Johan Lotigiers.

Filip Lemmens, who was the band's vocal frontman with passion and dedication for five years, will experience his last performance with Beyond The Labyrinth at this festival. He has handled important recordings such as the EP "Brand New Start" (2019) and the album "xxV" (2021) during his time with the band, and his energetic performances have left an unmistakable mark on the band.

At the same time, Johan Lotigiers will take the stage for the first time as Beyond The Labyrinth's new vocalist. Coming from a musical family, Johan brings a fresh voice and new energy to the band.
He has already shown his talent by making a re-recording of the classic "Fear's The Killer", which will be available to fans from July 6th.

The Coq Rock Festival offers a unique opportunity to celebrate this transitional moment and to honour both Filip Lemmens for his contributions and welcome Johan Lotigiers to the Beyond The Labyrinth family.

For more information, visit the festival's official website:

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