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Castles in the Sand



It took (Beyond The Labyrinth mastermind) Geert Fieuw 11 years to write the concept album ‘Castles in the Sand’, another 10 months of preparation, 9 musicians and 3 months to actually record it.

This musical masterpiece -a future classic- is an intense roller coaster of emotions, feelings, variety, imagination and excitement that takes 53:45 min to listen to … but a lifetime to enjoy and explore!


Musicians on the album :

Jo De Boeck - Vocals

Geert Fieuw – Guitars, Song Writing, Keyboards and Midi Programming

Danny Focke - Keyboards

Gerry "Krenryg" Verstreken - Bass

Bruno "Drumaholic" Goedhuys – Drums & Percussion


Guest Participations

Henry "Medea" Meeuws - 2nd guitar solo on "Pure Sabotage"

Fredéric "Fré" Ost - 2nd guitar solo on "No Place For A Dreamer"

Kirill Pokrovsky - Piano on "Castles in the Sand"

Kirsten "The Spanish Inquisition" Fernandez Suarez -

Backing vocals and Oh's and Ah's on most of the songs


Sleeve by Carlos Del Olmo Holmberg.

Pictures by the slightly fantastic Cindy Frey.

Beyond The Labyrinth 2008 logo, layout and booklet concept by Bruno "Manibus Pedibusque - Arthouse" Goedhuys based on an original idea by Geert Fieuw


Album Recorded and mixed june-july-august 2008 @ G.P.S./Denderwindeke

Produced by Geert Fieuw and Beyond The Labyrinth

Engineered by Geert Fieuw, assisted by Bruno "Bru" Goedhuys, Jo De Boeck and Louise Fieuw.



Remember this: *Killing The Dream is Killing The Dreamer*


Label : Incommunicado B & M

Available as limited edition digipak (Barcode : 54250109111415)

distributed through Yellowhammer/Suburban (Benelux) and Musea (France)

1- The Curtain Falls - 01:18

2- Solitary Dancer – 05:40

3- Pure Sabotage – 03:47

4- The Enemy Within - 04:49

5- Draining My Energy - 03 :22

6- Beyond The Labyrinth - 04 :26

7- Castles in the Sand - 06 :59

8- For Eternity - 04 :25

9- Caught in the Game - 04 :39

10- Caged - 04:50

11- Time To Fly - 04:02

12- No Place For A Dreamer - 05:24