Sjoerd Bruyneel - Keyboards, Backing Vocals, 

Additional Guitars and Orchestration, Song Writing

Interview with Beyond The Labyrinth keyboard player Sjoerd Bruyneel

(05 January 2017 - Pledge Music - amended)



Sjoerd Bruyneel, keyboard player in BTL and some other bands. (note : Wolfman Jack)

Started playing music since birth, I was born the day after a Rhoda Scott concert in Antwerp. My father was a musician as well, loved the Hammond and adored Rhoda Scott. Further I was raised with classical music.

Until I was 16 when I bought an electric guitar and an amplifier, my dad didn't like that. Especially the thrash metal part.



What is your life motto ?




How long have you been playing for Beyond The Labyrinth ?

Since 2012, due to a scale model of a Gloster Gladiator which was used in the Wings videoclip. Suddenly I was in the studio recording the song and became a member of the band.


In your opinion, what makes BTL unique ?

Geert Fieuw in the first place, the driving force of the band.

A funny fact is that Michel and I share the same date of birth, he's a Dutchman but I'm the one with a Dutch name.

Later Dominic joined the band. He's a great bass player but  he sure is the most silent bass player ever I've ever come across (note : at rehearsal). Anyway, back to Geert: although he's not the biggest guy I know, sometimes he's still a pain in the ass.


What was your favorite song to record on "The Art Of Resilience" ?

Carry On. For a lot of personal reasons.


Tell us a bit more about your gear ?

Kurzweil K-series, Nord Stage 2 EX, Nord C2D that's hooked on a bunch of effects, mainly Electro-Harmonix. And a Minimoog.


Please share your favorite BTL story

A few years back we went to the U.K. to play the grand finale of the Global Battle Of The Bands. At one point we were hungry, we were in London so we decided to have Italian. We couldn't find one and Geert proposed to buy us diner at a local burgerjoint. The moment he wanted to pay, his creditcard bounced and he was quite embarrassed.

So since then, when Geert says he's buying I make sure I bring cash.

beyond.the.labyrinth(at) +32 497 53 95 79

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