Michel Lodder - Drums, Percussion

Absolutely Definitely No Backing Vocals

Michel Lodder is a talented and versatile drum player that knows his classics and is not afraid to use them - or experiment with them, for that matter.

Interview with Beyond The Labyrinth drum player Michel Lodder (28 December, 2016 - Pledge Music)


My name is Michel Lodder, I'm the drum player for Beyond The Labyrinth and a fulltime Dad of 2 children.


What is your life motto ?

My life motto is ''Boom shack boom shack'' 


How long have you been playing for Beyond The Labyrinth ?

 I'm in Beyond The Labyrinth since 2010. 


In your opinion, what makes BTL unique ?

BTL is unique for its versatile songs from soft to hard and everything in between what drumming makes it so much fun. 


What was your favorite song to record on "The Art Of Resilience" ?

I really liked to record the song liberation day on the new album '"The Art Of Resilience"'. because there is a lot going on on drums and percussion, actually i like every song on it. 


Tell us a bit more about your gear ..

The gear i use is Taye studio maple drums, Vic Virth 5A Extreme drumsticks, Remo Drumheads and Zildjian A custom cymbals.

beyond.the.labyrinth(at)telenet.be +32 497 53 95 79

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